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Celebrating the contribution made by Jewish
men & women to the British armed forces

Welcome to London's Jewish Military Museum

The Jewish Military Museum collection is a treasure chest bursting with a fascinating mix of history and memorabilia, belonging to British Jewish Servicemen and Women, who fought and often lost their lives serving their country at war.


Filled with stories, documentation and pictorial history as well as some rare military artefacts, the museum offers a journey through time, telling stories of the courage and heroism of British Jews who served in the army, navy, air force, chaplaincy (rabbis) and of course the firemen, nurses and other volunteers.

Also in the collection are recent contributions from current serving Jewish personnel, who have been stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.


The Jewish Military Museum is now closed


The Museum Has Moved

The Jewish Military Museum has moved! Sadly we closed on 28th of August in preparation for our move to the Jewish Museum in Camden.

This follows our very successful exhibition at the Jewish Museum which saw over 13,000 visitors explore the Jewish experience of the First World War.

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